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Service Management goes beyond just implementing processes and procedures; it requires a new mindset and attitude from employees to deliver quality and promote efficiency.

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Service Management often means implementing a new mentality, attitude and working method.

To this day we still see that service management is seen as an implementation of new or modified processes, procedures and work instructions and that the quality of the service to be delivered is expected to improve automatically. People forget that people must (be able and want to) work with it.

Customer service is not a department, but an attitude….

For me, the delivered quality and the employee come first. They must deliver the quality that is expected of them and make them proud in their work, which triggers cycles of quality improvement to the desired level and can even lead to a more efficient and effective service.

  • Significant reduction in defects and incidents;
  • Faster lead times of new implementations;
  • Improved service in terms of incident handling and availability;
  • Controlled flexibility in terms of developments and service delivery.

When you focus on costs, the quality will decrease When you focus on quality, the costs will decrease

Some examples of completed assignments:

  • In- and outsourcing ICT services;
  • Professionalization and optimization of a service management and development department in terms of service provision and efficiency using methodologies such as Lean, Agile and SCRUM;
  • Within an international banking institution, the ICT organization (3500 employees) initiated the change to work according to new service management principles;
  • An audit of an existing service management organization/structure within a large (Top10) municipality, with a final report/advice consisting of an analysis, points for attention and follow-up steps;
  • Managing new applications and guaranteeing the services (internal or external);
  • In various assignments as Service (delivery) Manager, often a new or renewed role, service management given a new, deepened or elaborated interpretation.

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